Would like to switch from bedside to case mgmt, quality coordinator

  1. Hello,

    I currently have 4 years nursing experience all of which has been in the Emergency Department. I also have my BSN.

    Recently have been looking at transferring into Quality or Case Management but I am running into the problem of lack of experience in those specific areas. All the jobs I am seeing require several years experience in Case Management or Quality Coordinator.

    I am fine starting from the bottom and working my way up but how do I find that job that is willing to hire me, or is it luck to find the person that is willing to give me the chance.

    My question is how does anyone break out of bedside nursing and into management or case management or Quality compliance?? Aside from getting my Masters degree and educationally being qualified for the job how to I break into this field?
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  3. by   Marshall1
    You may find the answers under the Case Management forum. It is difficult but not impossible. Insurance companies, hospices and home health agencies will often hire w/o prior experience. As far as certified case management & UR..I would think more education specific to that area would help.