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What type of volunteering do you do?

  1. 1 Hi. Many posters have mentioned that they do volunteer work while looking for a job, in hopes to land a position. What type of volunteering do you do that gets you in the best position to be noticed while job hunting?
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    I do:
    Red Cross (disaster action team and disaster health services)
    Local marathon medical tent
    Local mental health social club
    Local school health screenings (scoliosis, head lice, vision)

    I think that's it.
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    I volunteer in my local clinic!! It's great for networking and showing that you are passionate about nursing. Good luck!
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    I volunteer at a free clinic at the mosque that serves indigent and uninsured people. I adore it and really feel like I've made a difference. I don't think it's helped me find a job, but it has helped me to keep my skills up and network while unemployed, plus helped keep my self-esteem up and keep me out of full-on depression. I've always wanted to give back to my community. I wish I could do more but finances are not such that I can donate anything other than my time and talents.
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    volunteer at local clinic that runs by majority of volunteers. The clinic doesn't turn anyone away, however it isn't acute care typically, new pts are scheduled a month out