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VA nurses, help with federal resume please!

  1. 0 I just graduated and got my RN license yesterday (yay!) and I was a VALOR student. I'm trying to apply for VA nursing positions but am lost! It says to use a federal resume which I looked up but I'm confused about the format of it. Also, how do I know what my federal status is and my series and GS number? Any help/tips how to apply for VA nursing positions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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    If you've never worked for the Government prior you have no federal status and series and GS have to do with pay grades.

    I've applied for a number of VA jobs and I just uploaded my own resume. Are you using USAJOBS?

    Resume; OF-306; 10-2850a should be most of the documents you need for most applications.

    the OF-306 and 10-2850a - google and then save onto your computer and upload to USAJOBS.
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    look at ur va paycheck. it should say ur grade and pay level. and don't forget sf-50 form.
    good luck!
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    I've applied for VA jobs through USAJobs; the specific job listing should tell you exactly what forms are required. Sometimes I know I've felt stymied but have always been able to figure it out. If all else fails, use Google. I've also been told to go to the facility I want to work at and apply there, so if this is an option for you, I would hope that the personnel in the HR office would give you the forms you need to fill out.

    I Googled for "federal resume," and found this.

    Good luck. And congratulations on being a VALOR student and new nurse!
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    Thank you for your replies! After calling about 500 times (they probably hate me now haha) I finally figured out all the forms and stuff, and had a really good interview with the salt lake city VA. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
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    Hi Tarabara, I'm in the same boat that you were in. I was also a VALOR student and am looking to apply to the VA. I was wondering if you could help me out, I'm not really sure what to write on my resume about the VA and being a recent grad. I'm just nervous because I don't want my resume to look like a joke. Thanks.
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    Hey Jewelln, you'll need a federal resume which is different from a normal resume. I just googled it and looked at a few samples to find a format that worked best for me, or on the usajobs site I believe under resources somewhere they have formats for how to write one. Every nursing position for any VA also requires a 10-2850a form which should be under the job listing under required documents. You can save that form to your usajobs account and use it for every position you apply for. You may also need to fill out an OF306 form which should be under the job posting as well and can be saved and reused. Ask your HR department or nurse recruiter for your SF-50 form, it has info that you will need to be able to write your federal resume. It has your series and GS number as well as hiring dates and hours and info like that from when you were a VALOR. I suggest saving every form you use including letters of reference to your usajobs account.

    I'll be honest, I'm not the best resume writer but if you want to see mine to get an idea or have any other questions feel free to PM me.
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    Hi Tara,

    I know this post is kind of late but I wanted to know if you got that VA job and your experience with it/getting it. Wanted to PM you but I guess you have to post 15 replies?

    Congrats on 1 year down!


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    Jewelln, did you get the VA job? I, too am trying to get on the VA in my town of Lubbock, TX. I just submitted my documents: Resume, 10-2850a, OF-306, transcripts. I know I am qualified with 9 years experience but don't know if that is enough.
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    I Googled for "federal resume," and found this.

    Good luck.[/QUOTE]

    Thank you very much.

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