Starting Salary for ADN in CA

  1. I am enrolled in an ADN program in Sounthern CA and I have heard a lot of different numbers about new grad salaries. Have any new grads been recently hired? If so, where, doing what, and how much did they start you at? Thanks all!
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  3. by   Allsetup
    Hello Scarlett, I saw your other post of your thoughts of CNI College. I am also planning to enroll to the summer term, was it very difficult to get accepted into the program? I am working as a physical therapist aide in a community based adult day care center. I graduated from a surgical tech program. Becoming a RN is my dream and goal. Any information would be nice. Thank you!
  4. by   mclennan
    Both of you please do some more research of this site regarding the SoCal hiring market. Look at my past posts. Look at the hundreds of posts about this, please, there is a TON of discussion about this already in existence.
  5. by   jlpolec
    Do you have a job lined up already? I wouldn't worry about the pay I would worry about landing a job here in the state of california as a new grad.