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Should I take an office RN position

  1. 0 Just graduated May. I have applied an gotten nothing but denials from hospitals in area and surrounding areas. Office RN position drug tested, they seem excited to have me. Should I take office job if offered or hold out for hospital job. I have not taken my NCLEX. Not even sure what the office job will pay and I got into nursing for the bedside hospital experience.
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    I would say to take it and continue applying to hospital jobs. Some kind of nursing job is better than none.
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    Exactly what Jeanette73 said. But congrats on getting something even before taking NCLEX. Good luck on your search.
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    The one thing worse than being a new grad is being an old new grad, which is what you are flirting with if you hold out for only hospital jobs.

    Take this job--it's experience as well as a paycheck--and keep applying to hospital jobs.

    Congrats and best of luck with the NCLEX.
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    Absolutely take the job!! Then immediately add it to your resume and keep sending it out.
    USE that license. I finally started getting interest after I added a non-hospital RN position which was really just giving flu shots. I can't even tell you how happy my heart felt when they offered me that flu shot position because I was using my RN license. After that I started a hospital RN volunteer thing, then a per diem RN job, then two hospital RN interviews which turned into offers -- all within two months!
    Bottom line....

    Get that RN position on your resume!
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