Should I include a cover letter?

  1. I wasn't sure which area to post this in. I am interviewing for a different position in the same hospital next week, and I wasn't sure if I needed to bring a cover letter? I am bringing my resume, wearing a suit, and anticipating answering the standard behavioral interview questions. I'm transferring from another area and there isn't a position actually posted, so I am the only one applying for it. I know if I was filling out an online application it would be appropriate to also have a cover letter, but I didn't know if in this situation if it was? Thanks a lot!
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  3. by   pockunit
    I think if you already have an interview, you're past the cover letter stage. But since I haven't even gotten an interview yet, feel free to ignore me.
  4. by   2BRN123
    Yes, you're interviewing for a different job so why not include a cover letter to outline our goals objectives intentions etc. If the person you're interviewing with couldn't tell you ...from a janitor, treat the interview as if it were any other.
  5. by   mdgale
    I wish there was someone out there who specialized in helping nurses with their careers. There are the "head hunters" out there who work for the employer to be, but I would be willing to pay someone to work exclusively for me! Someone who can rework my resume, give me interview tips, and place me in front of a would be employer.
  6. by   dseem13
    Thank you for the replies! I had my interview today, and I brought my resume and an awesome cover letter (if I do say so myself!) with me. Those interviewing me seemed very impressed with just the layout of my resume (very clean), and that I only picked what really applied to the job so it all fit on one page. They were also very impressed that I wore a suit (I never quite understood why people don't dress as serious as they are about the job). The interview went great (standard behavioral questions, strengths weaknesses, why nursing, why that unit, what makes me better than other candidates, etc. It was just a smooth conversation that flowed well. I usually get really nervous for things like this, but I felt very prepared and confident in my interview. I found out before I left that I got the job! They're just trying to figure out when I can leave my old unit so I can start. Best of luck to everyone in their job search!