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RN applying for non-RN position...Please help with advice

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    I am looking for a RN position for about 6 months now. I have about 5 years experience but have been out of work about 2 years. I was thinking about applying for a unit secretary/nursing assistant position to get my foot in the door. Do you think this is wise or would it be better to hold out for a RN postion?
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    I would think most facilities would see you as over-qualified and not even give you a second glance to fill such a position =(
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    why not? couldn't hurt. You can always keep your eyes out for an RN position when it opens up BUT when you sign the contract, keep a close eye out for the non-compete clause...
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    The biggest problem with your plan is that employers know that once an internal RN position opens up, you will be out of there. They don't want to waste the time and money training you--yes, it does cost to train even a clerk--when they know you won't be staying...so most of them will pass over your application.

    That being said, you don't know unless you try, and you have nothing to lose! But like Aniva said, read any contracts and fully know what you're getting into before you say Yes.

    Since you actually have a good experience base under your belt...have you considered agency or travel nursing? They may be more willing to take you on, and at least you'll be working as a RN while you're looking for a permanent position somewhere.

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