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Repeat applications for same position?

  1. 0 When the same job is listed multiple times, as 2-3 different positions, is it overkill to apply to more than one? Or is it necessary to apply to each and every one? I don't want to be overly pushy but also don't want to miss an opportunity to apply.
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    Yes. I know some employers put do not apply for the same position more than once because it may dely your application. Hope that helps
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    I have applied for the same position before. I look to see when the position was reposted and look for changes in the position (FT, PT, PRN ect). I am still looking and have started a new approach by finding out who the manager is for the unit. I've found out that HR sometimes doesn't get the apps to the manager. I have been on a couple of interviews since and missed on position because of a internal transfer issue. I was told by my interviewer that I would have been offered the position otherwise. I make a point of waiting a week or two before contacting the manager again. If the decision hasn't been made, it keeps my name fresh. Anymore you have to be proactive in your searches and follow-up with your apps.

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