Pros/cons to working 2 part time jobs (vs 1 FT)? Complicated job situation; pls help!

  1. I am unsure how to proceed in my current job situation.

    Job 1 is a FT position as a case manager in my specialty in a large urban teaching hospital, 8-430 M-F. The hospital has a great reputation and the job looks very interesting. I've heard from someone else who works in the same specialty in the hospital that there is a lot of "scut work" in the position-- and a lot of it is making calls to other facilities and insurance companies to place pts-- but I don't mind the idea of this. The pay is looking like it will be slightly lower than my current position $500-2000 a year, but the benefits are great, there's a great pension program, and there is a yearly raise (my current position doesn't offer these).

    Job 2 is a 24 hour position in a specialty clinic in the ER. I would really LOVE to work in the ER, this job sounds extremely exciting--- it is another large urban teaching hospital. The position is benefitted, and the hospital is unionized (unlike at job 1) so I am expecting the pay rate will be higher. The hours are 2 - 12hour shifts, either 11a-11p or 7p-7a -- rotating, e/o holiday and weekend.

    So, Job 1 is in the process of checking my references and I will likely have an offer by the end of the week. With regards to Job 2, I have not even gone for an interview-- the attending psychiatrist works at the facility where I work PD, and she got me in touch with the Nurse Manager. I applied online a couple weeks ago. They don't have any FT positions open, and the NM is waiting/hoping to get a PD position approved, so that would be another possibility.

    I emailed the NM at my PD facility to see if there is a possibility of getting a 16 hr position there, to compliment Job 2, if I was to pursue it. The facility is owned by the company where I currently work FT, and there's a lot of flexibility, so this would be pretty likely-- but the shifts would probably be mostly weekends, eves, and nights (I currently work M-F 9-5 and would prefer this schedule).

    So I am trying to decide what to do -- I don't want to pass up Job 1, as it's a great opportunity and I am really excited about it. I haven't even gone for an interview at Job 2, so in order to pursue it I would likely have to turn down Job 1, and nothing's even guaranteed (if they have other people interviewing, if the 16 hr position at my PD facility doesn't work out). But, Job 2 sounds more exciting in many ways, I would learn a ton, and the pay would likely be higher (the regular pay at my PD facility is the same hourly rate I make now at my FT job).

    And there is always the possibility of a PD position at job 2, if that gets approved..

    Any advice??
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  3. by   zoe.ysobel
    hi ivyleaf,

    if you think you'd be enjoying work the job 2, then you should go for it. plus you said the pay would be higher and you'd learn more. it's not about the pay that counts in the long run, it's whether you enjoy what you're doing.

    goodluck to you!
  4. by   Blackcat99
    I would go for Job 1. Great benefits, great pension program, yearly raises plus it is full time work.