Other Career Paths for RNs?

  1. What other career paths have RNs found to be a good fit -- outside of healthcare? I've considered going back to school to train for something else but I still owe for the last time around. Those of us with years of RN experience have skills that could transfer to alternate careers but I've yet to find a solution. Any suggestions?
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  3. by   yedwards42
    Hi -

    I'm not an RN though I have a Bachelor's in Health Science and a minor in Accounting (and an Accounting certificate). In the mid 90's I took pre nursing courses though decided to go the Accounting/Finance route. I've worked at well known hospitals for 16 years - in Finance. The pay is great - though for me I've always wondered about becoming a nurse. So, I resigned from my job about a year ago (great income) to take the remaining prereq's and obtain my BSN. I think having both degrees will be suitable for me, I can obtain some clinical/bedside experience and then move in to low level managment. Other positions I've held have been in Quality, and another area that is appealing (and makes good income is Information Technology). I think you could make very good $$ in positions such a Quality RN analyst/coordinator, Employee Health Nurse, Case Manager, RN in Information Technology (Informatics), Accounting/Finance, etc. For the specialized positions, you may need to take a few classes (such as Accounting/Finance/IT) though the pay atleast in the hospitals I've worked at are pretty substantial.

    Good luck in exploring career options.
  4. by   HouTx
    I agree, Informatics is a growing area of specialization. However, most jobs do require additional education/certification. There are online education programs available, but make sure that you select a reputable one... choosing one that is listed on the AMIA site is a good bet... Home | AMIA

    You'll undoubtedly have to obtain additional training & certification in order to transition into another area. Best of Luck to you!