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Wondering if anyone has ever worked for OccuVAX before? Is it legit? Any other flu/vaccine clinics you know of that I might apply for? I am in Tennessee. Thanks!... Read More

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    I applied and did the online training today. I was nervous to give my ssn as well. I havent received any additional information yet. Im hoping to hear others opinions? Thanks
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    This was going to by my 4th season at The Vaccine Provider That Must Not Be Named (not OccuVax), but I got an e-mail last week that the vaccination schedule is "on hold." The news on their facebook page does not look good.
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    I just finished my first clinic with Occuvax and it was all good. Everything they promised to supply, they did and more. I forgot my sanitizer but they provided that too. I called because I had a question and they answered promptly. I will be doing as many clinics as I can for this season. As long as my money is right, which I should get next week, I will be happy.
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    Where do you apply to join Occuvax?
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    On their website. Occuvax.com, I believe. Unjust sent in a resume
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    I recently signed up with Summit Health. They have *a lot* of available clinics.
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    I have worked for OccuVax several times this year already. It's been pretty rapid fire, so I haven't gotten my first paycheck yet. I was also a little wary of how easy it was to sign up, but I have realized that they pretty much make everything as simple as possible, because they are doing everything long distance. They provide everything you need to conduct a clinic, down to the pen and hand sanitzer! They really couldn't make it any simpler. My hardest job is getting up early and checking my email on clinic e-mail day, so I can get the clinics I want. If you feel good about your skills as a new grad, and you feel comfortable working alone, because depending on the size of the clinic, you often(but not always) will. If those things work for you, then I would absolutely give it a try. It's a great way to make a little extra money for the holidays! Good luck.
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    Hi, is anyone working for Occuvax this year? I'm in Florida
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    I signed up for it again this year. Never did any clinics last year so I can't say anything about it. Hoping I get the opportunity to do some this year!
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    I signed up as well. I also signed up for Passport Health.
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    I'm still signed up with Summit Health.
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    I have signed up with them, Maxim, Passport, Summit... Hoping to keep busy while I wait for a hospital job to pan out. Summit requires a year of flu shot experience, which I have prior to being an RN, but the others don't require this, it seems.
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    On the occuvax site it says you may have over 20 vaccinations per hour. Was your clinic that busy ?
    I'm a new grad and just signed up on their site, I feel good about it but I am a little concerned about making sure I get all of the paperwork right and keep up the pace. Was it pretty easy to get the hang of it right early on in your clinic?