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need advice PLEASE!!

  1. 0 Would I be nuts to leave a day shift, no holidays/weekends for $25/hr at an oral and maxillofacial surgeons office job?? I'm a recent RN grad, I've been there 3 yrs already as an LPN for $17.50/hr and he offered me to stay becuz he wants an RN on board. The cons are that its 1-1.5 hour drive one way for me now and I feel I'm not getting to expand my "nursing horizons" there. I guess I'm wondering, is the grass greener on the other side?? If I looked for something else, I'm sure it would b nights since I'm a new RN..
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    I'm a CDA/COA and an RN. I've worked in dentistry for 26 years, the last 3 as an LPN and the last year as an RN. I've recently taken a home health postion and cut back my time at the office. I'd absolutely accept an RN spot in an oral surgery practice =) It's what I know and I do think you'd get to use your nursing skills on a daily basis. That said, the nearest OMS group to me is in Iowa and that state pays its nurses like CRAP, LOL
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    I'd say it depends on what your future career goals are. Where do you want to be in 5 years? If you'd be happy in the same specialty than stay. If not, or if you're really not sure, consider applying for some other jobs-- you could probably make $25/hr as a new grad somewhere else, depending on your location.

    Also, you could just accept the position for now, and apply to anything that looks interesting along the way.
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    Thanks for the advice colleen and ivy I'm gonna stay for now, I love the people and do get to use my nsg skills. I feel rich making $25/hr lol cuz I've def never made that before! One day at a time.