LTC NURSE seeking a Hospital Position (with bad reference??)

  1. Hello my fellow RNs! I've been a nurse for
    2 years. The first 10 months was in LTC facility. Then after that, I got hired as a part time critical care nurse in a big hospital. Orientation takes 3 months for a critical care nurses and before I hit my 3rd month of orientation, I got terribly sick. I had to leave work for 1 1/2 weeks. When I come back, I was asked to resign because (according to the policy) orientees were not suppose to leave work when in orientation. The HR also said that it would only worked if I had been admitted in the hospital. I had a doctor's note and my ER trip receipt but it wasn't enough. I was at the top of my orientation too. I had high remarks by my preceptors so I know it wasn't because of my performance. So anyway, I made peace with it because I understand I was in orientation and I was disposable.

    Then a couple of weeks later, I was called back by their sister company and got interviewed. I was suppose to go for my second interview when the HR manager called and said that I didn't pass my reference check. Someone from my reference gave me a bad mark. I was devastated. No work, no insurance. I kept looking for any job.

    Then after 3-4 months search for work, I accepted a LTC nurse position as per diem in 2 different companies. I know I can't live without the benefits and the unsteady paychecks so I am looking for a hospital position part time or full time position...

    I am wondering though, if I can put in my resume my hospital experience? I have my ACLS, BLS, IV training, and Basic Cardiac Rhythm Course completed through that orientation. It was about a year since I was asked to resign. Since then, I have 2 jobs as a LTC nurse. Is it logical to put my hospital experience even if it was only for 2 months and that I was also asked to resign? If I don't put that in my resume, I have 4-6 months of no work. Is there any way that I can make sure that my previous job don't give me a bad reference? (I know its a stupid question but I'm desperate.) Please help me out, my fellow RNs...
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  3. by   HouTx
    My guess is that you may have been unfortunate enough to be a victim of organizational policy at several points along the way. Specialty training programs normally have very clear rules about attendance and failure to abide by the rules equals an automatic dismissal no matter what the cause. Then, you were listed as "not eligible for re-hire" by the ICU job hospital. This is usually an automatic designation for certain types of terminations. Then - if the other facility was part of the same company, they probably have a policy which prevents them from employing anyone with a 'not eligible' status at any facility within their company. This is common for a lot of hospital systems. I know it doesn't make you feel any better, but this explanation may be easier to swallow than thinking that you received a negative personal reference.

    So, you probably need to avoid trying to apply within that healthcare system until the 'statute of limitations' has run its course. This may take a few years. Focus your efforts on other employers. Participation in a training program does not equate to actual work experience. But you should certainly list all of the specialty training you completed while in the program.
  4. by   pennylane18
    Thank you HouTx! I was depressed for awhile believing no one from the hospital will ever hire me again! After a year of working a per diem nurse in the nursing home, I am comfortable putting my training at the hospital on my resume. I figure my training still counts to something. Yes it's not actual work experience but it is experience... lol. Thank you so much.

    Hopefully, someone from the hospital will hire me soon! Any more advice?
  5. by   MegzRNSTL
    Im just a new grad (well, in May) still looking for a job, with no luck, so idk if my advice is even worth anything...but you could try to call HR from that hospital and ask if you will ever be eligible for hire..maybe explain that you were very sick, and missing that time was beyond your control..also, perhaps you could use the preceptors from your hospital training as references? If you remember their names you could try to call the hospital & ask for them or get their emails. Just some thoughts I had. Good luck, its rough out there. I just keep telling myself out of all these no's Im getting I only need one yes!
  6. by   sistasoul
    Hi HouTx,

    What do you mean by the statute of limitations has run its course? Does a bad reference or a do not rehire status fall to the wayside after so many years?