Job advice. New Grad RN no experience

  1. Hi everyone!Today I went to my first nursing interview! I was so nervous but it was not as bad as pictured in my head. Anyways the job was for Pediatric homecare. I was offered the job and was told to come in next week for two days of training. Then I have a three day preceptorship. I'm very excited but also very scared. The only experience I had was clinical. I've never worked in healthcare. Because I have no exp I really don't have many options. I've applied to nursing homes and haven't gotten a call yet. I'm going to school for my bsn now. Does anyone have any advice for me? I was told i can work up to 60 hours a week if i want the hours and show i am skilled. I saw on a different thread that starting pay is 26 an hour. I don't want to risk my license but this has been the only close thing to a job. Sorry for the rant. Any homecare nurses?
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  3. by   dspacc
    I actually do pediatric homecare. Private message me and we can talk.
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    Hi HellooooRN,
    I also have same questions like you do..I will be working as a home care nurse soon. Only experience I had was Home Care CNA. Can anyone who started as Home Care RN(NEW Grad) tell me about homecare nurses please? I want to know everything about it. (starting pay, training, hours...etc.)

    Thank you
  5. by   HelloooRN
    Hi Dspacc,

    Thank you for the reply but I havent posted enough to be able to private message yet!
  6. by   dspacc
    I work pediatric homecare for a child with a trach/vented, gtube, meds, nebulizers etx...homecare is much different than a hospital setting.. If you were offered the job, I would take it for experience. Jobs are right right now. I can't get back into a hosptial right now. I've been applying everywhere.
    Here, I make 35 and hour. It is not a Medicaid case but private case which makes more $$ typically. I basically do nursing care in the home setting. Medication administration, etc.
    it is important to have a good working relAtionshop with the family you are working for.
    If you have any specific questions post It here and i will be happy to answer!