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How would you know?

  1. 0 I just had a great interview for a job that I think could work out well for both me, my family, and the floor I would be working on.
    Now that the interview is over, my references are being checked as well as checking to see if there is any action against my license.

    I don't think there is anything against my license, but with computers being what they are, there might be some glitch out there. Would you know if something came up against your license?
    (Example - I once had my SSN linked to a fellon who was arrested and my SSN was entered in as his. This was only discovered during a security check for employment. Luckily, the person was a man and in a different state!)

    Is there a way to check on the status of your own number, to make sure it is clear?
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    Most states have an online registry of nurses through the BON website. You can go online and look up the name and license number of any registered nurse. It will show the status of their license as "active" "inactive" "expired" "suspended" or "revoked."

    If your license status is listed as active, there there is no action against you.
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    You can check your license on your state's website. My state's website lists disciplinary action back to 1993. My best friend and I found out that her sister-in-law- who claimed to be actively working as an RN- had a revoked license by using this site.

    Also, if you were to be disciplined by the Board, they would presumably contact you.
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    Thanks for the info! I checked my number, and all clear! :-)
    So now it is just up to the references to come through!
    Keep your fingers crossed for me!
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    Have you been notified about anything against your license? No. Ok good then the answer is no.
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    It's that post-interview paranoia! You just can't help it!! :-)

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