how can you get a job when they want experience and no one will hire you.

  1. I am an RN with 2 yrs experience in SDS specializing in optholmology and cosmetic/plastics.. I am now wanting to get more experience in other areas such as NICU, L&D, GYN, SDS or PACU. (Keep in mind I am willing to work in any field however these units are very competative and would be more of my desire.) Most of these units want an x amount of years experience before they will hire you let alone consider you for these positions. My question is how do I get this experience if no one is willing to give me a try. Do, I need to shadow the nurses on the units, talk to the managers them selfs, ect. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   cn2007rn
    If you are interested in those areas you might want to pick the hospital you really want to work in and apply for a med-surg position then after maybe one year you can transfer to one of those areas when a position opens up. It's easier to get into a specialty area like that once you are already working in the facility, you have more networks open to you. Recruiters are more likely to hire into med-surg when you don't have hospital experience. Good luck!