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How appropriate would this be?

  1. 0 Okay, quick recap:

    Interviewed for a position as a Psych Home Health RN. Very promising.
    Had SECOND interview with another person this past Tuesday. Interview
    did not go as well as I would have liked.

    Still have not heard anything and I'm a little desperate. I only work agency,
    I've been getting cancelled left and right. I'm having to put in A LOT of online
    applications because I need to find a job **SOON**, even if it's Wal Mart.

    It's only been two days since that interview, would it be appropriate to just
    give the director a call and find out what my status is? I sent her an
    email today but go no reply, it was just a "Thank you for the interview,
    hope to hear from you soon" type email. For all I know, she doesn't check
    her email, or hasn't checked it today.
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    I think you should wait at least a week. People get busy and two days is an unusually quick turn around.
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    Thank you CCM.... I did call and leave her a voicemail today to just sorta "check in"; the email that I sent
    did not get delivered for some reason; just came back to me. I'm praying, praying that I get this job;
    I want it really bad and I NEED a job right now. =)