Help? Is this possible to juggle?

  1. On Wednesday I received a call to set up an interview for a position I applied. We set it up for next Wednesday. On Thursday (today) I got a Voice Mail from a job I had previously interviewed for offering me the job.

    Is there any way to hold off job offer until interview is over? Can I call Job #2 and ask how long the impeding process might be as I just got a job offer but their position is a much better fit yet, I can't stall the Job #1 for weeks. Stating that if they believe the decision to take weeks then I might need to bow out now and take the current job offer.

    Both jobs will require relocating. Job #1 I'd have to rent an apartment to start the job. Job #2 it located within 45 mins of family so I could stay there indefinitely without added costs. Job #1 is 8 hour shifts so I'd only be able to come "home" to my husband and daughter 2 days a week. Job #2 is 12 hour shifts so coming home would be more frequent. Job #2 is one of 5 places in the state that participates in a mentoring program I'd like to become part of at some point. Both jobs are med surg.

    Job #2 is clearly better for a number of reasons but I've been looking sooo long I don't want to lose Job #1. I'm not sure there is a proper why to juggle this or if it is even doable but I'd appreciate the thoughts out there.
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  3. by   Jolie
    First of all, I would never accept anything that is not in writing and signed. Asking for a written offer might buy you a little time. When you receive the written offer, ask what the time frame is for accepting or declining. (Let them know that you will need to travel to the city to hunt for an apartment, etc, and that you want to be certain that you can find something suitable and affordable before making a final commitment. That might buy you another week.

    I wouldn't delay beyond that point. You have a job offer in hand, while the other is not certain. When you go to interview for job #2, be frank and let them know that you require an answer within X days, or you will need to withdraw from consideration. They will either be motivated to move things along, or not, and that will be your answer.
  4. by   kcdunlap
    Thanks for the idea. I definitely don't want to jeopardize offer number one. Just financially and career wise Job #2 a better fit.
  5. by   serenitylove14
    I have a similiar situation. I accepted job offer 1 and if I get a better offer ie. dayshift, before I start job 1 or even after I will give them my two weeks notice or tell them I accepted another job offer.