Graduated on Saturday... 5 interviews already!

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    It's been a week since graduation with my BSN and I'm so happy that on Monday I had 4 interviews- 1 in HR, 1 with ER, and 2 with the health system's two OR's- the main hospital and the community one. Then on Tuesday I shadowed in the ER and today I had my peer interview there also. Next week I have an OR peer interview and an initial Telemetry interview.

    The only position I actually applied to was the ER- HR forwarded my application to the other departments and they called me. I'm so excited and hope I get at least one job offer.

    I heard so many stories on this site about new grads not being able to find jobs and I feel so lucky that I got interviews so quickly! The hospitals are within a half hour of where I live (with my parents) and eventually I can move closer into the city. Everyone seems so nice and the ER and OR were some of my favorite rotations. I'll keep everyone updated
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    Where do you live? It sounds like there are a lot of job openings in your area- certainly not the case in all cities. Good luck with the interviews!
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    I live in south central Pennsylvania. Thank you!
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    Congrats!! Did you have health care experience? Are your classmates receiving interviews as well? Good luck with the interviews!!! :-)
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    congrats to you and good luck on your interviews!
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    wow...that is amazing! Congrats and Good Luck!
    God Bless You!
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    Good Luck!
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    Such great news! Would you mind sharing more details, such as how good of a student you were, if you worked as a tech in school, did you have volunteer experience, etc?
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    Fantastic! We wish you the best of luck! I second Unicorn's question about your previous experience. Will the hospitals hire you with "license pending" before you take NCLEX? The employers in my area seem to require that boards already be passed upon hire.

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