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I am the DON in a LTC facility. I currently have ads on careerbuilder for a full time CNA position as well as a full time LPN/RN position. Both positions are clearly advertised as 3-11 positions. I spent my day going thru what... Read More

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    The crazy thing about this- I never opened my mouth to those I mentioned. I just don't respond to them. I let them go about their merry way thinking they are ABSOLUTELY correct. I don't dispell any of their information at all.
    The one who told me to"do her a favor and not tell anyone what I know" was so comfortable with her comments and behavior and my non retaliative attitude toward her insanity, she came to me on not too long after that, screaming at me and slammed the door to the room as she left. She slammed the door so hard it knocked the clock off the wall and had the never to turn around and come back and aske me "if I threw something at her!!" I didn't talk to that man infront of her. I took him into an exam room, behind her back,( knowing there was something seriouly wrong with him,) when she left and talked to him alone, then I went to his doctor. The doctor ordered the man taken to the ED via ambulance. That's( the transporting of a patient) a pretty hard thing to hide when that stupid woman is your Nursing supervisor. Her problem is she is stupid and she knows it, I threaten her. That is the problem with alot of these managers.I fully intend on photo copying the ACLS page and sending it to that inbucil in Newark Beth isreal and commenting on it- remember me, been to any ACLS classes lately? I was also the wrong race and age for her! When some on knows more then they do- their fragile little girlie ego are threatend. Instead of being MATURE wenough to realize, that there will always be some one smarter with more experience- that's the way this world is girls!!!

    I have only put my disgust in print.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm 56 yr old. I have seen this crap for 32 yr in nursing. I am getting out of it ASAP. Being on unemployment has enabled me to have the tuition paid for- state aid/free bees I have gone back to school to finish the last 6 classes for that sacred BSN and I do not plan on using the N part of it. Being on unemployment has enabled me to have the tuition paid for- state aid/free bees The only reason it is a BSN- is because I had 89 credits toward a BSN from years ago. So far my GPA is a 4.0. It is just a degree for the degree sake. I am finding something else to do, I have had it with the little "girlie girl" routine from so called groupies( Nursing) that want to be considered "Professionals" but are threatened so easily.
    I recently had the occassion to tell an RN with their Master's in Organizational Management these senario's and get their opinnion on how to handle people like this- their response was say as little to them as possible, give them only a short response to satisfy and get away from them, they can't handle it.

    I plan to let them keep on praticing neglegence and stupidity!! But god help them if they come near any one in my family
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    After some deliberation, we have decided to close this thread for a cooling-off period.

    This discussion is slowly deteriorating into a mudslinging fest that is unbecoming of professional nurses. We truly can do better than this.

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