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  1. 0 Does anyone have any tips for finding a job with a Doctor's office? I currently work in a hospital, but am not feeling too cut out for the 12 hour shifts and am interested in 8-hour 5 day shifts, possibly at a doctor's office. There does not seem to be any postings on the typical jobs sits: or
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    Have you checked in local newspapers and on Craigslist? Do any of you local hospitals have clinics? Those are the possible options in finding a doctors office.
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    I have looked for these types of jobs, too. I agree Craigslist is a good source. However, doctors offices often use more medical assistants & less RNs, so the jobs for RNs in clinic settings seem pretty scarce these days (at least where I live). Another idea is to look at the websites for local clinics in your area. Sometimes they have job postings on their websites, that you don't see on the job boards. Good luck!

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