Can't decide between CO and TX

  1. I'm set to graduate in August from a BSN program in Colorado but am originally from Texas. Recently, I've been getting panicky about finding a job because I don't want to work in a hospital setting. I really liked my peds rotation, especially peds ED but kind of hated the ED culture. Anyway, I would love to work in a public health or community setting but since I don't have any job currently, it's incumbent on me to find a job ASAP after graduating. I had thought of moving back to Texas because I miss friends and family but also because I could live rent free with my parents until I found a job but the problem then changes to one of lack of connections. Not that I have a ton here but I do have some.

    So then, I start thinking it's more of an issue of jobs. Is the market better in Texas (Houston and Austin specifically) or Colorado? A lot of other posts about job market stuff that I've been reading are super old so I thought I'd ask anew.