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1 month after interview and still nothing?

  1. 0 I interviewed almost a full month ago for several open positions at a large children's hospital. I interviewed with HR 4 days after applying and the interview went really well. The recruiter told me that she wanted me to meet with the nurse manager on a particular unit because she would just love me. She said she hoped to get back to me that afternoon with a time/date to meet with the nurse manager.

    I didn't hear back that afternoon nor the next day, so I called her and left a voicemail. A week went by and I hadn't heard, so I called again--left another voicemail. Same thing happened the next week--left a third voicemail. I haven't emailed or called in almost two weeks now and I'm not sure what to do! I know the recruiter liked me because otherwise she wouldn't have told me about a second interview. The jobs are all still posted online, so I know they haven't been filled. What do you think is going on? I know sometimes hospitals take a long time with hiring, but why isn't she returning my phone calls at all? I really, really want this job so I don't want to pester HR, but I also don't want to be too casual about this. Any advice?
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    I wouldn't worry too much, my wife had two interviews back in early June and both have had similar outcomes like you have posted about. As a matter of fact it has now been past 3 months and never an email, call back as promised or rejection.

    Those HR and Nurse Managers are very busy people but one must really sit back and ask themselves " Do I really want to work for someone/someplace that said they would contact after an interview but has all but blown me off ". I would say that answer would be no, it only takes a few seconds to send an email or return a phone call. They expect you to use professional courtesy but rarely if ever give it back in return.

    However, I will say this the company I work for can drag it's feet for month's on end when hiring to fill a position.

    Best of luck to you !
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    I could have written your post! I applied for a position at a local hospital, got the HR interview within days, and then... nothing. I'm beginning to wonder is there something wrong with me? Is it the shoes I wore to the interview? Did I not answer that one question correctly? I have the experience, and the degrees they are looking for, so I have to wonder... Is it me???
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    It is likely the positions are filled, even if the jobs are still posted. That being said, consider dropping her an email.