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Hi all, I graduated BSN, in Decemebr took my NCLEX in March and started looking for jobs in the begining of April. I have been applying nonstop and last Friday I just about gave up Washington... Read More

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    I have gone to 3 interviews. And in each interview they have told me either the day they would call me regarding my acceptance or decline, or the time frame (2 weeks-3weeks). So I think within 2 days of your interview, it's appropriate for you to call back the director, manager or whoever interviewed you inquiring approximately the timeframe in which you should be hearing from them.

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    Hi everyone,

    I want to thank you all for your feedback and answering my questions.

    I got the job! and I start in 3 weeks. He said I will essentiallly be trained as a phlebotomist/RN and the training is about 6months. They also have RNs who go out to the hospitals to give apheresis therapy to patients in the hospitals in the western part of Washington. I hope to eventually do that.

    I am also interested in getting a part time/on call job on night shift/weekends at a hospital to keep up my other nursing skills.

    Will hospitals hire new grads on call/part time on night shift? Since I will need so orientation/training in the hospital, I wonder if hospitals will be willing to hire me as a new grad only part-time or on call.

    Thanks again everyone. I am so happy I can work as an RN.
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    congrats to you!
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    Yes, A thank you letter could possibly help. Get to know that manager, and see what they like.. Maybe buying lunch for them or send a thank you card. Keep it strictly business though...