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    Sooo I have an interview next monday, and I just checked the facility website to look for any new job postings they might have recently, and while searching realized that the job I am interviewing for is no longer listed!!! .....what could this mean? Is this just going to be a waste of my time? Are they just interviewing to fill in their "quotas", or has the position already been filled. I am kind of concerned. please give me some feedbacks if you have any idea. thank you.
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    Some companies take down the position when they have chosen interview candidates and are no longer accepting new applications. It just keeps more people from sending applications when they have already started the interviews. They would re-post the position if none of the chosen candidates are suitable.
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    Moved to the Nursing First Job Hunt Assistance forum as this has nothing to do with preparing for the NCLEX exam. Good luck on your interview.
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    Job postings are usually taken down when interviews begin. Our local hospital only posts jobs for 5 days but they might not begin interviewing for several weeks.
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    thank you for all responses.