Job asked for references, need opinions?

  1. Hey guys!

    A hospital I applied to asked me to provide references. They want 5 references, 3 of which have to be from managers (or teachers if new RN, which I am).

    When I was doing my clinical in this hospital (same one I'm applying to), I stayed in touch with one of the nurses (charge nurse) on the unit. I'm going to put her as a reference, but since she's not a colleague, does she count as a manager? Or instructor?

    also, since the hospital will send them a survey to rate my work, would it work best for me to:

    1. Put charge nurse down as one of my 3 manager/teacher references, and then put 2 other RN friends who I know will give me 100% rating


    2. Put 3 instructors down, then put the charge nurse, and only one friend who I know will for sure give me 100% rating

    Any input will be appreciated!! Thank you guys
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    The charge nurse did not fulfill the role of manager or instructor while you were in school. She would be one of your other references. Your manager or instructor references should be either instructors who were employed by your school or managers of previous jobs you've held, whether they were in healthcare or not.
  4. by   Miss.LeoRN
    I recently was hired at a facility that used the same survey system. Mine in particular told me the survey was to assess strong and weak points in my skills and abilities so that orientation could be tailored to my needs. If you are sending it to a "friend" make sure she is honest (100% or not) because something may come back to bite you.

    Send the survey to your instructors, 3 or 4 or however many you had/want. I emailed mine to let them know about the survey and that a job I applied to asked me to send it. I would send it to the nurse manager, with her permission, as a "nurse mentor during clinical" or similar as that is what she was essentially. As for friends, unless they specifically allow personal reference I would avoid sending them one. Out of all of them, the instructors will bear the most weight.