Interview done....How long until a possible offer letter? Interview done....How long until a possible offer letter? | allnurses

Interview done....How long until a possible offer letter?

  1. 0 Good evening all. First and foremost I have to say that I missed this site so much. My current non-nursing job is killing my allnurses time. Either way....I went on an interview last week Wednesday and I was totally nervous but went fully prepared! Suit on, license in hand, resume, CPR card, etc. I ended up interview with two managers (who were lovely by the way) and finally the nurse director / recruiter. The interview all together took about 2.5 hours. At the end the lady explained orientation and shifts, etc. she copied all my documents and told me that the last step involved HR contacting me. As of right now I don't know if I got the job or if in even getting the job. How long until the offer letter (if anything at all)? Please give me advice. Thank you in advance. ❤
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    I've always gotten a phone call, not a letter. I would think they'd let you know within a week or so? Was it mentioned during the interview if they were still interviewing others or when they may let you know?
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    Thanks for te input. They told me to expect a call soon but I havent heard from them yet. How would I negotiate the offer letter? I'm so lost in terms of financials when it comes to nursing.
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    Depends on the company you are applying for. I personally would think, why would they make copies of your documents if they will not hire you? Relax you've got it in a bag , but I would for sure contact them if a great deal of time has gone by with no feedback. Good luck
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    Thanks a lot. I appreciate your input and it actually gives me confidence 😊
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    That entirely rests on what company you have applied with.
    Sorry, copying your documents does not necessarily mean you are hired.

    It depends on how fast the managers can communicate with HR.. then how fast HR communicates with you.
    The larger the corporation/facility. ..the longer the paperwork will take.

    Good luck, keep us posted!
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    Thanks for the input. Will post results on here as soon as I am told yay or nay.
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    I am happy to announce that I did get the job I interviewed for. I received a call back today. Great way to start the weekend!!! Thanks for all the support and posts!!!
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    I knew you would, God bless you.
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    Thanks so much!!! God is sooooo good. I appreciate your posts 😊
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    Yes he is, no problem
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    Every place is different. Generally a phone call is good news, a letter or email is bad news. At my job I got a call 3 days after interview which is very fast. I got another offer one week after interview. And for two other interviews that I did not receive offers I got an email two weeks after interview. So each place has its own timeline. I would call each week and ask about your status to show you are still interested in the position and keep your name fresh in their minds.