CHLA RN Residency March 2018 - page 2

Hi guys! Just wanted to start a thread for applicants to the Children's Hospital LA Nurse Residency for March 2018 :) If you'd like you can comment below on where you've applied and your... Read More

  1. by   laurafay
    Did anyone go to the Q&A yesterday? I was unable to since I am out of state
  2. by   newnurse1059

    Try to tell a story that can grab their attention and really shows your passion and personality! That is the advice I was given
  3. by   penguinwaddle
    Does anyone know if the cover letter & letter of intent have to begin with "Attention Sr. Talent Acquisition Consultant"? Or can I just start my cover letter with "To Whom It May Concern"?
  4. by   mdmstudentnurse
    Hi there! I applied to the ED. Does anyone know when we should hear something?
  5. by   steph2488
    Hi Guys,

    I applied for the BMT unit, which is the 4th floor. Whenever anyone gets an interview, please post on this thread so we all stay updated! Good luck everyone...
  6. by   jenjen7
    I applied to 6 East and received a call back two days ago for an in person speed interview on Monday. Just thought I would update everyone as I was looking at this page often to see if anyone got a call back. Goodluck everyone!
  7. by   steph2488
    Thank you for the update. Good luck with your speed interview, update us on how it goes
  8. by   steph2488
    Between 10/11 and 11/4 I believe.
  9. by   steph2488
    I believe between 10/11 and 11/4
  10. by   Miss_Lucy
    Jenjen - when did you send out your application?
    just wondering as I have submitted mine really late.
  11. by   steph2488
    Miss_Lucy, I know you weren't asking me but just to let you know I submitted my application the second day they opened up the positions, which was 9/4..
  12. by   Miss_Lucy
    Have you heard anything yet?
    Saw you applied for BMT (me too)
  13. by   steph2488
    Miss_Lucy, no I haven't, have you or anyone you know heard anything?