**Need Advice** New grad taking a Nurse Coordinator Position as first job? **Need Advice** New grad taking a Nurse Coordinator Position as first job? | allnurses

**Need Advice** New grad taking a Nurse Coordinator Position as first job?

  1. 0 I need some advice. I'm a new grad with an associates degree. I've been looking feverishly for a job for 4 months with no luck at all. Finally, I have an interview for a nurse coordinator position with a nonprofit organization. This company offers primary care services. The only reason I even got this interview was because of someone that I know. If offered this position would it be smart to take it? I'm waiting on the job description to see exactly what my duties would be. When I think of nurse coordinator, administrative work pops into my head.

    I really want to work in the hospital or any setting where I can gain clinical skills (suctioning, hanging iv's..etc...etc). Ultimately, I would really love to work in the emergency room. I'm very open to working on a med surg unit. I know the job market is tough and the advice that I'm getting is to take whatever comes my way! Does anyone know how hospitals would view this experience? As a new grad would this be good experience starting out?

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    I think that if you are leaning towards doing emergency hospital work, then I suggest that you find a similar work. The problem with taking what comes a long may leave you shortchanged in the future. If you are not happy with what you are doing then you would not have the motivation.
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    If you live at home with your parents and dont have much debt then you can afford to be choosy. If you can't afford to be choosy, then take it. I would really say take it anyway! Some experience is better than none, though I dont know what that position entails.
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    I was a Care Coordinator for a year, after having been a nurse for a year-with no hospital experience outside of school at all. I learned a ton-and just got hired for a med-surg position. If anything that Care Coordinator job helped my personal nursing experience and really seemed to help my resume. It gave me a great background to have a great hospital interview. It is administrative work, it is a lot of work...but I found it very helpful to have gotten that kind of experience 'first.'
    I would suggest that you strongly consider it. However, I would ask how much orientation you will get. That will be important. I was already in my company for a year so the transition wasn't that bad. But you will really need orientation. Also, don't underestimate the benefit of working for a nonprofit! That could be very good. I would say that this job has a lot of possibilities. Consider it! You might like it!
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    Thanks for the advice SaraLeeRN. Tomorrow is my interview so I will find out all the details. I'll definitely consider it if i'm offered the position.
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    Thanks itsnowornever. I reside at home but I am swimming in school loans. I'll be working with the HIV population.
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    Hi amygarside. Thanks so much
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    Let us know how it goes
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    So I went on the interview and I did not get the job. Apparently, the interviewer did not realize that I was a new grad. I don't know how but they went on to say how it was really fast paced and it would be unethical to throw a new grad into the position. Also, there was no orientation. I guess everything happens for a reason. At least I had my first interview to help me with future ones.