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i work in ltc and today i was written up for false documentation. i documented in the tar that a treatment was done when it wasn't. when questioned by the supervisor i admitted that i did not do the... Read More

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    Why blame the facility for your mistake? Falsifying documentation is a serious issue. I had a nurse who did it frequently because she was lazy. We kept an eye on her and found it was shoking how many things she signed off as done when she hadn't done them. Instead of making excuses, do something about your lack of follow through or being unorganized or whatever it is.
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    I would agree with Meriwhen. Given your previous posts over the past two years, and the fact that you say this is your 5th write up while on probation, something is clearly lacking in your performance. Perhaps you need a time out to address personal issues. Whatever it is, take this seriously before moving forward. Ultimately, whatever the cause is, you are responsible for fixing it. If your workplace has an Employee Assistance Program, take advantage of it.
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    your supervisor must have zero to do if she's following you around checking up on you. they usually try to get their bluff in on the new nurses......just go with the flow and don't stress it.

    any nurse who's been working for any real length of time says she's never charted something that she didn't do......she's a liar.
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    While I'm very sorry that your job/license/livlihood is possibly on the line, your statement of FIVE write-ups while still on probation jumps out at me =( I definately think you need to apply your nursing skills to a much less stressful environment and I hope that can happen on your own terms and not with a firing to prompt it...
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    Hmmmm, NurseLoveJoy even liked this comment. I find that odd...
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    5th write-up and still I on orientation? How have you not been fired already?
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    "thank you for your reply. this is so true. some nurses make up weights, fingersticks, vitals signs and so on. i've seen it with my own eyes. i know not every treatment is being done. at my facility all nurses are guilty of this. as stated previously, last night i went through our treatment cart and did assessments on everyone who needed a treatment. most of the creams were not even in the cart or room, so there is no way it's being done. i have taken the initial to get some of the orders d/c'd and reduced.
    i'm putting in my 2weeks today. i still have a prn job as a school nurse. i've been doing school nursing for 6 years now and i do love it. i still want to get more bedside experience but maybe its not meant to be...."


    first off, i will say this; do not let others define you. believe in yourself! others do not know you, neither do they know your coworkers, nor do they know how good or inept your supervisor is. only you know yourself, and the culture of your work environment.

    you should not expect perfect performance from others, but if i were you, having seen other nurses making up weights, finger sticks, and things like vital signs, confront the nurses who do this and if there is no change of behavior, i would report this to manager or straight to 800 number of state board of nursing. there were things i should have reported when i was employed; i did not and i regret it.

    take care.

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    Quote from ColleenRN2B
    Hmmmm, NurseLoveJoy even liked this comment. I find that odd...
    Sometimes I "like" a reply simply to show the poster I appreciate them commenting. Even if I don't like what they say.
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    With all due respect, should be fired. Since you are ADMITTING that you LIED on your charting (why didn't you just either A. wake the pt up and do your treatment, or B. Wait until the pt woke up, or C. Just pass it along to the next shift.....??? Remember nursing is 24 hour care!!!), how can your supervisor trust you now? Also if this is your FIFTH write up in a short time frame...wow, I think it time try to realize you need to cut your losses and MOVE ON, either new career, or somewhere else more at your speed sister, cause you just aren't cutting there.
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    Yesterday I put in my two week notice to go PRN. I have had it with this place. I get written up for false documentation, however they are calling nurses in to come in to falsify records because the state is in. I don't get it! How can you write me up for the very thing you are guilty of doing. Yesterday the DON and supervisors were trying to get me and other nurses to falsify records for the state. I did not.
    I also found out another nurse was recently fired for something very minor. They didn't even tell her she was fired and sent her termination letter in the mail. This is crazy!
    The only reason I'm staying PRN because I don't have another full time job lined up and I still need some type of income. It will be tight for me so far as money for awhile but I trust God that He will provide.
    On to the next....
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