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I just wanted some ideas on what not to do.. while working in a hospital so i can avoid getting written up for... Not trying to be perfect but it doesn't hurt to ask right?... Read More

  1. by   sauconyrunner

    I want to know where you got your Crystal Ball, ebcause the one I got a Nurses R' us, seems to be broken and Well, you know...
  2. by   Galaxy1
    hmmm...go read on any states nursing board and see what nurses lose their licenses for. there are cases ranging from stealing morphine to holding colace. if the powers that be want to get you...they will get you. so avoid being written up by following policy (however idiotic the policy is). I think some insane government agency says "all falls are preventable". all-100%.maybe that is true in a hospital in heaven but here on earth it just aint so. but if you dont want to get written up for the mundane then accept the policy as true. then you should be fine.
  3. by   nurseprnRN
    i just read the list of actions against nursing licenses for a period of something like eight years, and there was nothing there about "holding colace."
    just sayin', so that poor student doesn't feel that she has to give it anyway even if the patient has had the runs for days.
    or maybe he has had the runs for days because the three previous day shifts gave it to him anyway because they were afraid of loosing (sic) their licenses if they exercise nursing judgment.
  4. by   MB-mom.RN
    who polishes their shoes??! lol