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Hi all I am a new nurse 4 mos off orientation working on a med/surge nuero floor 6 patient ratio. Its a brutal floor and yet.. I manage to survive albeit exhausted and oft times just disillusioned with the Candy Land notion of... Read More

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    Quote from Orca
    This isn't even a scope of practice issue. A piece of tape turning into a potential lawsuit? Somebody is grossly overreacting. If they fire you over this, they suck as an employer.

    I understand that the housekeeper told you that...and reporting that most likely would've save you from being called to the carpet.
    I'm more baffled that you are supposed to have jurisdiction (I guess that's an appropriate word) over the housekeeper, a totally different department??? Really??!!??

    (((((HUGS))))) OP, I just how you don't get PTSD when you see a housekeeper go into a patient's room.

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    How can you file a lawsuit for someone putting a piece of tape on your bandage???

    What happened as a result?
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    IMO I don't see how it's your fault unless you gave the housekeeper the tape and said, "here, apply this to the bandage."

    Though when hearing about what the housekeeper had done, either reporting it or removing it and replacing the bandage would have been a wise move on your part.

    Good luck with your hearing.
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    Maybe the housekeeper read the Vanderbilt post about handing nurses a mop and bucket?

    (I'm sorry...just trying to make the OP smile, if that's possible.)

    If you are fired over that, I would say your job did YOU a favor. I really wouldn't worry about it. But if management wants to know who puts tape on whomever, I would bombard them with it from this moment forward. I cannot count the number of times a housekeeper has walked into a room and actually prevented a patient from falling instead of saying, "hang on while I go get your nurse". But if a bandaid is worth your job, I say enjoy the vacation until the next door opens.
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    Thanks for your responses guys. Sigh, I did not include this piece of information. The housekeeper was in an isolation room cleaning and when the patient asked if I could come in and apply more tape on her bandage, as I was gowning up, he said to me" you want me to do it". So this is where I made the fatal mistake, I said ok. I watched him and the issue is a) she has a pysch background, b.its a she and housekeeper is a he, c. did he even change his gloves. (I didn't see that part), Lastly, I did not critically think about the ramifications of this and this is a patient safety issue and he was non nursing staff. So I got canned. I am bummed of course, but I have learned from this and will not make that kind of mistake again.

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    Aww tks, this is a cool dude too, he wasn't trying to get me in trouble, he was just tryin to help out, outside of his scope of course.
    I really liked him as a coworker and am sad that this occurred.
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    She didn't know him from a can of paint. It happened real fast and it was on her thigh. Um.. she could have thought he was a perv or something.
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    Oh.......oops........yeah, in this case, you kinda blew that one. Really sorry to hear this. But still, termination, if at all, should be the end of it, I think. There was no harm done unless her hospital stay is increased because of whatever, if anything, from his gloves were a contributing factor. Some lessons are hard-learned, ya know? Wishing you all the best!!!
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    Quote from imintrouble
    I wanted to argue with Esme12's response.
    What do you mean you agree with sanctioning just because a housekeeper applied a piece of tape?
    Then, because I'm a big girl, I agree. She's right. Even if a similar incident happened to every other nurse on the floor and nothing happened. Even if it's acknowledged practice that housekeeping tapes everybody's drsng PRN. If somebody wants to make an issue about scope of practice, you can be hung out to dry. It looks like you were.

    I couldn't possibly be more sorry for the OP. I hope you're not fired...If you still want your job. I think if it were me I'd be looking for something else.

    You know what really stinks. If the OP had reported the housekeeper, the housekeeper would be the one in the hot seat. Worrying about their job because of a piece of tape.
    You can argue that's ok......

    I actually don't see how this is a practice issue against the nurse...unless she let the housekeeper apply the tape. Sounds like they need a scape goat. I said if they fire her that would be wrong....

    I didn't say I agreed with sanctioning.....what I am saying is a housekeeper has no business taping a patient bandage. The OP should have told someone what this housekeeper did so that they housekeeper can know what is allowed and not allowed AND the OP should have redressed the bandage. I would have to know more details....but at the end of the day...if something weird happens to a patient and their care during your shift.......the next person on the food chain needs to know.

    We never know the whole story...hopefully the OP didn't give the housekeeper the tape and say ok. But the OP should go into the meeting with an apology and tha they have learned what to do if this ever happens to happen in the future. Going into a meeting like this telling them what you aren't responsible for and what you will and will not do...will get you fired.

    Clearly this patient is a kook is the application of tape causes a worsening of their PTSD... but who knows.

    I told her to check with her malpractice insurance in case there is litigation and the sooner they know the better....it was NOT because there was an actual neglect of duty.
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    I am so sorry this happened to you. As others have said, it does not seem to be a serious infraction, but you were caught out on a technicality. In today's climate, with beaucoup unemployed new nurses beating the streets, I guess anything goes. I'd say good riddance to this employer!

    Thanks for the heads up.... I will remember this and who knows... it might save MY bacon some day. Hope you find a wonderful new gig with super-neat supportive management.

    good luck!

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