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Hi all I am a new nurse 4 mos off orientation working on a med/surge nuero floor 6 patient ratio. Its a brutal floor and yet.. I manage to survive albeit exhausted and oft times just disillusioned with the Candy Land notion of... Read More

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    I don't believe that malpractice insurers will cover this kind of situation. Termination is not the same as being sued for malpractice.

    If the patient had sued then malpractice coverage would help.
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    Thanks again for all the wonderful advice. I have contacted legal aid in Fl. Now there is the sticky matter of the would you rehire this employee? I am hoping I won't run into any issue with it. That would be a real incentive to not give a dime especially if they say they would not rehire!
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    Quote from redhead_NURSE98!

    Totally off topic, but you brought it up. Ever seen the pictures of the vagina and groin area of the woman who spilled McDonald's coffee on herself? The coffee was Not. Drinkable. Caused third degree burns. Totally negligent to heat coffee to that temperature (to save a buck, mind you) and serve it through a drive thru window. It's not a matter of "coffee's hot." I encourage people who know nothing about that lawsuit to do some research on it if you're going to use it in your daily life as a debate point. Maybe watch the documentary "Hot Coffee" available on Netflix. The pictures are less than 30 minutes into the movie.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you. I hate it when people try to use hot coffee logic when they have no clue of the true damage it caused. Could you imagine ehst could have happened if she actually drank. Imagine what it would have done to her esophagus.
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    I find if interesting that people say housekeepjng does not do patient care. I have worked at many hospitals were housekeepers have to know CPR. If giving CPR isn't patient care, then what is?
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