Vanco Administration Question Please! - page 2

Hey Everyone, I recently started a job in a clinic and only have been a RN for almost a year and had a question. I have not worked in the hospital and only start IV's in the clinic a few times...... Read More

  1. by   netglow
    That is so odd OP, I wonder where this MD had his residency... hmmm.
  2. by   psu_213
    You can give the Vanc without a pump, and it can be piggybacked. Just because you are running out without a pump does not mean that has to be run it "wide open" and you can still control its rate. Of course some infusions, for example, KCl, NTG, and heparin, must be run on a pump.

    As for volume, I've always seen Vanc (be it 1 gram or 1.5 grams) in 250 NSS or D5 and it gets run over 2 hours. The doc may have been right that it can go without a pump (what is the p/p of the facility) he was wrong that you can "bolus" the vanc. Also, why does he care if you only feel comfortable running it with a pump?