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I have made some stupid errors from taking a shortcut in the past when I worked on med/surg a few years ago. I was not aware that it caused harm to patient but feel guilty about the what ifs....feel like I shouldn't be a nurse... Read More

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    If you're still concerned about short cuts you've made in the past, what that tells me is that you "care". Which is the core of nursing and the backbone of a great nurse. If you knowingly made short cuts and weren't bothered by them later on, that would be worrisome because then that would show that you don't care, therefore you wouldn't re-think your actions, and would most likely continue taking short cuts. I know everyone tells nurses to leave their work at work and don't bring it home with you, but I've always thought that a good nurse, the one who "cares" will always bring home something to ponder on.
    So, no worries, you are just being a true nurse. We all make mistakes. In fact, it's sad to say but most nurses will tell you that they'll never do this or that ever again because a mistake the made years ago. Like I said, if you care, you've acknowledged that you made these short cuts, you're a good nurse and probably will never take those short routes again. Keep caring my friend because that's why we became nurses in the first place. :-) ;-)

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    I do think you should probably stop worrying about a few hubs. That said, I changed jobs from a beside nurse to the infection prevention nurse. one of the first patients I worked up was one of my own. While it is unclear if the Foley I put in her caused the infection or not, I was floored that it was my patient who had gotten so ill. We really do not see the outcomes. And I think sometimes we focus on being too nice to point out outcomes to people.

    You will never know about the things done in the past, can always control the here and now!

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