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    Quote from jbudd
    we are supposed to do bedside as well, but i insist on giving and getting a real report at the desk, with access to labs, orders etc. only have to sign onto the computer once, and it goes quickly. then we "round", do pt handoff and introductions at bedside, check the iv etc. having to sign in on each bedside computer and then try to whisper or talk low enough not be heard is rather rude in my opinion, people really don't like be "talked over".

    report this way takes maybe 5 minutes longer than it used to (no bedside), as we have gotten pretty good at it.

    the purpose of bedside report is to prevent errors. the "bedside" part is to check iv's for drip rate, patency accuracy of fluids... drug, assessment, pulses etc. care specific item to prevent error and confusion. the bulk of the report is usually given else where.

    it isn't all customer satisfaction driven it's a joint commission (amongst others) thing.
    errors may occur because communication is faulty.
    two joint commission national patient safety goals are to address......

    patient safety issues that may be encountered during change-of-shift report. first, patient involvement in care is encouraged as a patient safety strategy and it is also recommended that a family member or trusted friend should be an advocate when the patient is unable to speak for himself or herself.

    these national patient safety goals can be applied during the process of change-of-shift report. patients and their families, if desired by the adult patient, should be involved in the communication processes related to their care planning. in addition to the patient and family's need for information, partnering with patients or families at the bedside during report is a patient safety strategy.
    bringing change-of-shift report to the bedside: a patient- and family-centered approach

    roser said it best from the families perspective.....

    during my brother's recent hospitalization, both nurses came into the room at shift change. outgoing nurse introduces patient to new nurse, then gives a quick synopsis of reason for admit. then both step to the side and they continue their report in quiet tones. i felt that at any time i could ask a question of one or both. i also (surprisingly) felt comforted that nurse a handed off to nurse b in front of us. i had never understood the rationale behind beside report, and now i kind of do.
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    Thanks, Esme12.
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    We ask visitors to step out during report, of course.