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Ok, the problem that I have is with Hospice and the rules. I am a LVN at a hospital and I had a pt last night that is on hospice. The Dr. and the family is waiting for the guy to die, so at the start of my shift the Dr. had... Read More

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    Quote from Nebby Nurse
    Sorry but I feel that this is a frustrated family member rather than a nurse. "Adivan'"and "D\C" make me wonder.
    The OP has some eyebrow-raising language. First the order that was written to medicate "until death," something I have never seen written on a TO, in addition to the comment about smothering the patient with a pillow.

    I cannot imagine a scenario where a dr. would put his license in such jeopardy as to make comments like that. Why would a dr. be that invested in a patient death?
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