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Patient Safety

  1. 0 If you were forced to choose between patient safety and patient rights, which one would you choose?
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    Safety. It is a nursing standard, an industry standard and a major expectation of the patient, family and court system
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    False dichotomy - Safety (freedom from harm) is the most important right of any patient.
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    No context... everyone says pt safety, which is true... but you will never be able to violate a patient's right to keep them safe, ever. You can't make them choke down pills they don't want to take, even if they are necessary medications, and you can't make a patient go to dialysis if they don't want to. Just two examples. It makes me mad when I see nurses lying to residents about what their medications are when they are being passed just to save 30 seconds of time. It is a clear violation of patient's rights unless the family and physician and facility have all agreed and made it part of patient's chart as orders. I have dementia patients that I have to explain each and every medication to on every pass, and it is worth the time to me.
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    safety comes first

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