Patient falls off operating room table - page 2

Hello all! I read this scary article last night and thought I would get some discussion started. The main reason it caught my attention is that is actually happened to me once and I can... Read More

  1. by   classicdame
    we recently installed safety belts on our OR tables and in the cath lab. All it takes is one big lawsuit and those little precautions look pretty cheap.
  2. by   student987
    I had surgery once and they had to start recovering me in OR (PACU was full maybe not totally sure) I kept trying to roll over onto my side (how I always sleep). This was bad for 2 reasons 1) or tables are tiny 2) the surgery was on the right side of my face/orbital area. not sure who was there with me but someone kept saying "NO" and pushing me back down as I would try to roll over. I am usually aware as I come out of anesthisa but can not control my actions. dont really like that feeling.