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Hello all! I read this scary article last night and thought I would get some discussion started. The main reason it caught my attention is that is actually happened to me once and I can honestly say it was through no... Read More

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    Quote from flbeaches
    I'm an OR nurse, and my standard of care is that the safety strap doesn't come off until the gurney or bed is on one side of the patient and I am on the other and we're ready to move the patient. Never ever take the safety strap off until you're ready to move the patient, and never ever leave the patient's side after the strap is off. Pretty basic standard of care.
    All good practice, but as I remember that horrible day, on the fracture table we couldn't use a strap. We had the feet tied and a post in the groin. We had removed the post and I was in the process of removing the foot ties. Our lady just sat halfway up and turned her upper body to the side! But you are right - from that day until my last day in the OR, I NEVER left their side until they were safely on the bed. I would get newer nurses in the room and they would ask me to do something for them and I would say, sure- as soon as we transfer. They couldn't understand. But they weren't there when it happened!

    I don't drink at all - but I did that night!

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    Quote from Ashley, PICU RN
    It says the lawsuit is seeking "more than 15,000 dollars in damages." A friend of mine just settled for nearly 1 million dollars when she fell on some stairs at a business and injured her neck.

    If the woman really had a TBI, broken hip, collar bone, and toe, I think the hospital would consider themselves very, very lucky if they can get out of this for 15,000 dollars.
    I had read this article on AOL last night and they said it was probably more than $15,000. Something about the amount not being specified, but by law in that sate they can only say $15,000 as the minimum.
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    i seriously doubt that the amount mentioned is accurate. in my humble opinion, no amount of compensation would suffice if we take in consideration that the injures endured by the patient are for life. therefore, she could be facing other complications in the future in relation to this fall. at this level, i sincerely hope that everyone involved as well as the readers of this article have learned a lesson regarding patient safety to prevent this unwanted publicity.
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    we recently installed safety belts on our OR tables and in the cath lab. All it takes is one big lawsuit and those little precautions look pretty cheap.
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    I had surgery once and they had to start recovering me in OR (PACU was full maybe not totally sure) I kept trying to roll over onto my side (how I always sleep). This was bad for 2 reasons 1) or tables are tiny 2) the surgery was on the right side of my face/orbital area. not sure who was there with me but someone kept saying "NO" and pushing me back down as I would try to roll over. I am usually aware as I come out of anesthisa but can not control my actions. dont really like that feeling.
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