LPN Scope of practice/Picc lines-just moved to Indiana - page 3

I Just moved from California were LVN's there are IV certified but we were only able to hang NS w/ 20 k and blood...NOTHING else. Now in Indiana I was told we can do every thing but hang blood. I don't know what to do know how... Read More

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    Exactly!!!! lol

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    I'm in Ohio and LPN's that are IV certified can initiate the IV in a peripheral site hang electrolytes, NS etc and the second set of ATB therapy after the RN hangs the first. No PICC lines, no push meds and no blood. I had no idea Indiana allowed LPNs to do all that. I heard they hire LPNs for hospitals whereas Ohio does not except the older LPNs who were grandfathered in and worked there 20+yrs! This is surprising because I know several LPNs licensed in both states and never had to complete additional training.

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