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How many hours of sleep do you require - page 2

I'm the type person that needs eight hours how about you? This week I am on the schedule to work Friday night until 10:30 and then come back in by 6:00 on Saturday morning. It takes me an hour or... Read More

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    I think that it's probably 6 for me, my sleep cycle. I will easily wake at the 6 hour mark if there is some noise to arouse me. But I am sure I need 7 to 8.
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    I can function really well on no sleep - but I'm lucky in that I can sleep when I need it if that makes sense. I work nights, and I'm pretty flexible when it comes to sleep. I am not one of those weird people that becomes "nocturnal" when working nights. LOL! On my nights off after working, I will sleep when I get off, get up in the afternoon, and go back to sleep around 11:30 - 12am and sleep all night. I guess I "catch up" on my days off, if that makes sense.

    I love sleep.
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    I can be awake 24 hours without too significant of dysfunction, assuming adequate caffeine intake. After like 32 hours or so I start to feel really weird and hallucinate. I can sleep like 3-4 hours per night during the week and then sleep most of the weekend without feeling too lousy.

    I totally PREFER to sleep 8-12 hours per night though.