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I don't know how to insert a poll tool, but here's my story. LTC, shift change, I went looking for the day nurse. She said "I'm in here!", so I entered the room. As soon as she pulled back the curtain (she had started and was... Read More

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    Aside from the intermittent hostile comments, really- I'm amazed at the total responses to this post. I will again clarify: My brother, a BSN, long time ICU nurse, did 'not' take in the situation, and make an informed decision to violate a crime scene. He was walking home from work (in Philly-for those of you that have no idea of the risk that entails) at night, turned a corner, saw a man 'down', and rushed to aid the man, having no idea what had happened. It was instinct, fact, not criminal. For those of you who have condemned him again, all I can say it that- what's new? Nurses attack their own. For what reason, who cares, we all know nurses seem to just hate each other. Again- the point of my post was, does CPR work? Hmm. Seems not to in most cases. And don't try it on me!
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