Frustrated with Lazy RN

  1. I had a problem with a certain RN since I've started working at a Psychiatric Hospital. I am just a tech there, and I'm not sure who I should talk to. We do have Team Leaders, but talking to my team leader is like talking to a brick wall because he doesn't know what to do. The ADON for the night shift is also the type of person who will side with whomever she likes and make excuses for them. My problem is, we will call over our radios for the RN to come because a Pt needs her. Just recently, she took 45 minutes to get a Pt his pain medications (which I had documented what time the Pt. asked at what time the meds were recieved). Also, another time was when we had a Pt who was in full bed restraints who had eventually calmed down and wanted to ask the RN when he would be able to get out and go to bed. She took 20 minutes to walk down the hallway because she was too busy sitting on Facebook and talking on her phone. NOT okay with me!! Who would you talk to next about this if nobody is going to look into the situation. This happens too often and she does so many other things that are just wrong for an RN to do.
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  3. by   mentalhealthRN
    Okay so it sounds like sometimes you know for a fact that she is not busy and is on facebook, etc. The day it took 45 minutes for the pain you know what might have been holding her up that day? Wondering of she could have been dealing with another issue or waiting for a call back from a doc for an order for the meds. Is there another staff person that is on the unit she is on that is seeing what is going on, seeing as you are not able to see it sounds like. I would be sure that there is not a good explaination for the delay before getting too upset. If you know that this is not the case I would say something should be done. Without being aware of what the staffing structure is where you are at it's hard to say who you should go to. Is there an over all manager? A Director? I would speak to this person. Thing is if they have an IT person the inappropriate computer usage can be tracked, if there is log in for each user. That is what we did for an employee who was abusing her access to the internet. She was busted and fired. Most employers have some sort of policy in place as far as internet use if available. Generally use during breaks and short time use--ie 5 min to check an e-mail, banking, etc. The IT person can see the dates and times/length of time logged on and using the internet and what sites the user has visited. So if its mostly internet use that keeps this slacker nurse from doing her job this is one way to go about it. You could go to HR as well if you get no where with the manager/DON. Good luck! And god forbid a serious emergency someone could get hurt! Lord that is scary!
  4. by   Karla.S
    Thanks for the input. I have had to see go into the Med Room a few times and see her always on Facebook and dating websites and such. Other people also notice this and how much she's talking on her cell phone at night. The med that the pt recieved is a scheduled one to be given each day at 12am but the Pt usually has to ask for it, (its just Boost and Tylenol)

    I didn't think about talking to HR or IT about the computer use. I really don't like to be the "snitch" but sometimes its just not right, there are times for doing things at home at times for doing things at work.. y'know?
  5. by   mentalhealthRN
    As far as IT you will likely have to go through HR or management to get them to look into her internet usage and be able to do something about it. I just wanted you to know that it can be done so that when you go to someone you are armed and prepared with what can be done....just incase they don't know. We had a staff person get fired for just exactly what you are talking about. Although it was a counselor aide and I would ask her to do things and she would be like--oh yeah I will get to it and sit there and read facebook and surf the internet. I would get so mad cuz she would do it in front of me. I was in charge of the nursing staff and she was under the counseling staff so I had to just go to her boss and let her know. She and I went to the boss over us and that person was able to request IT to run her internet usage report and boom. Gone!!! Just DON'T LET ON TO HER THAT HER INTERNET TIME CAN BE MONITORED. KEEP HER IN THE DARK or she may change her habits just till they stop monitoring. If she is not smart enough to know that abuse of it will be caught then oh well--not to say that I havenever used it or that I think no one should be able to--as long as their work is done and the patients are getting what they need when they need it. But some people love to spoil those perks for all of us! Good luck!!
  6. by   caliotter3
    The logical action is to go to the next person in the chain of command. If the night house supervisor is not responsive, then go to the next manager in line, or the DON, or the administrator, whoever is next up the totem pole. But be sure to have documented dates, times, and instances to back up your claims. Vague accusations will not be sufficient.