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I am a new RN at a long term care facility. I was called in after midnight on Friday to come in to work that Saturday morning to work for a few hours because they were short staffed. Even though it... Read More

  1. by   HyperSaurus, RN
    Where I work (medical/oncology) we are always short-staffed, and thus mandating is common. We get calls asking if we can come in early (I work 11-7, thus they want me to come in at 7p) or they are short for the next shift, and so if it is our turn, we have to stay for at least another 4 hours (till 11a) assuming someone from afternoons will come in as relief. However, if you volunteer to come in early, you cannot be forced to stay, if you stay for a 16 (11p to 3p) you qualify for fatigue time ( don't come in for first 4 hours of shift), and they always ask if there's volunteers to stay before forcing whoever's turn it is. This schedule we are critically short for our own shift, so we're being forced to pick up shifts, however, they do have three new orientees. It's not great, but at least they try to be fair about it. If only they could stay on top of filling the holes from when people leave, and then we'd be all set