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I need help please. Just not sure what to do now. Getting right to the particulars. I was working in a So Cal Hospital in a Psychiatric unit. I was assigned a set schedule. 1) I was suddenly assigned to work 8 days... Read More

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    Quote from nursingpower
    Fly under the radar, keep your mouth closed, avoid attention, PRETEND TO BE GRATEFUL, don't complain or irritate management??? Sounds like SLAVERY to me. Nursing is too good of an occupation to even be compared to something like slavery. So so sad if anyone believes that that is what nursing is about.
    With all due respect, it doesn't sound like slavery to me. It sounds more like a linear transaction between two freely consenting entities (employer and employee).

    Employees who dislike their jobs are free to resign at any time and for any reason; likewise, the entities that employ us are free to terminate our employment at any time and for any reason. Slavery would likely involve a master who sends the dogs/posse after their unpaid human chattels who escape from the cotton field, and this simply would not happen in this day and age.

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    When there is a choice between buying groceries, and keeping my mouth shut, I'll keep my mouth shut.
    I think if it were just me, I could afford to be noble and honorable under every condition. My family complicates the mix.
    Most of us with any age and experience on us, have been in the OPs shoes. I know what I'm talking about, and I will not apologize for making tough choices. Just as I don't judge the OP for risking the security of her child for taking the high road.
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    Quote from imintrouble
    I don't judge the OP for risking the security of her child for taking the high road.

    Obviously I did't realize that being a good nurse and trying to improve a bad situation would cost me my job! From what it sounds like, this conduct and behavior is common practice for administration. Lesson learned.... You may now continue with the bashing.
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    Quote from hkrntobe
    Obviously I did't realize that being a good nurse and trying to improve a bad situation would cost me my job! From what it sounds like, this behavior is common practice for administration. Lesson learned
    I wasn't bashing you. Not in a million years. I was completely honest when I said I've been in your shoes. More than once. Sometimes you have to decide who you can save and who you can't.
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    Quote from hkrntobe
    While I understand that your advise is to keep my mouth shut frankly, several patients and staff have been attacked, including myself. I would rather uphold my standards of nursing care than run the risk of having my license revoked because of an unfortunate incident that could have been avoided but, went unaddressed simply because I was to afraid to deliver the same care to a patient that I would expect for my friends or family. I find it verry telling that a Nure should be told to Keep her mouth shut as opposed to identify and attempting to resolve a dangerous situation. I guess with all of the Medicare Medical and Oboma care, we've reached a point where it's acceptable to forgo Patient Care?! Seem questionable to me.
    I think was TheCommuter referencing the fact that you should keep your mouth shut at least until the probationary period is over, simply because you have already struggled to find your first job, and because you need the job, and the money to take care of your child. I definitely think that it wasn't an attempt to tell you to never speak up, but simply see how operations run within the facility. If you do this at your next job, and the next job, and the next job, it starts to look like a pattern. Something you certainly don't want.

    Try changing policies by example. How you are able to de-escalate an irate patient, or how you deal with the way things are run, and then say "You know, I've tried this, and it seems to work for me, perhaps you can try it?" and make it more of a suggestion and less of a "This is what I see is wrong."

    Obviously that's not exactly what you said, but I think sometimes when we see something is being done unsafely, or poorly, we can become protective of our rights, and our patient's rights. It all comes down to not what we say but HOW we say it.
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    Op, you worked psych! It is very dangerous. I know as I walk into it everytime I punch in. What exactly did you expect? Bullet proof glass with residents on 24hr lockdown? They fight, manipulate, split staff, assault staff and each other both verbally and physically and you will not change that during your probation, period. I try to find a way to make the pts night easier whether that means 1:1 with me, prns, restrictions, etc. You have to be able to be therapeutic and many many healthcare workers and people in general aren't.

    It's so easy to complain about safety or lack there of, but you have to have a plan in place in your mind to keep your unit as safe as possible. I call several times a night for Security to do a walk through to maintain order. Doesn't always work, but I go from there. Psych is not easy and not safe, no matter what. Unless you can have all seperate rooms on 24hr lock down, you will always be in a certain amount of danger. Did you expect management to hire more employees or more security to be on the unit? I have to call if there is an issue and hope the football game isn't on. I know who doesn't seem quite right and try to intercede before violence sets in, may not always work, but management is aware of the safety issues. How did you want to improve a bad situation with so little experience? It's so easy to complain about safety and a bit more difficult to have feasable ideas to improve the conditions.
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    Being a patient advocate is different than going to the union during your probation period. I would have gone a different route to address my scheduling concerns as mgt is not usually a huge fan of unions and you bringing them in would def be a red flag. sorry for your job loss, i hope you find a better fit.
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    Your options from here are: Learn from this experience and find a new job. Your start date is always the day you actually clock in to work/orient. Not the day they said, "your hired". If you had a problem with the schedule you should have discussed this with the person that makes it out, not a union rep. Did you have days off before and after those 8 days? Many of us have had to work extra. In nursing, it is pretty much a given. As a new nurse you come with passion and feeling like you are going to be the next Florence Nightengale. Unfortunately, reality hits us square in the face! Your concerns with combative patients and having a small child make me think that Psych nursing, at least at that level, is not the best fit for you. Because violence is going to happen. No matter what you do. As a new nurse, your opinions on care and safety will come off as a know-it-all attitude to those that have been practising for years. This is the time when you do your job and learn. There is so much to learn. You are calling yourself a good nurse. You haven't had time to be a nurse yet, let alone a good one. You have got to humble yourself a bit, realize that you are still a work in progress, learn from your mistakes/or know that there was a better way, and go out and find a new job. Good Luck.
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    Probationary period means you can leave for any reason. The fact they gave you their reason was a bonus. I have yet to find the perfect job, best of luck.
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    Unfortunately, nursing can be dangerous and psych and ER are especially dangerous with an increased risk of injury by a patient or family. You couldn't pay me enough to do psyche, but lol I have to deal with too many as it is on a medical floor! Plenty of psyche patients with medical problems who end up on the medical floors and not the psyche floor.

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