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I'm a BSN nursing student, and today I had a clinical rotation at the hospital. The CNA on the floor there was taking out IVs and Foley catheters. I don't work as a CNA, but I did take the class and... Read More

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    I'm a CNA in a hospital in Indiana and through my facility, I'm trained to D/C IVs and foleys per RN delegation. Completely legal within my facility.
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    The LTC facility I work at is also part Rehab Hospital. CNAs are trained in these things and they are within the scope of practice of our state. We are also required to be licensed in our state, so this may be a bit different.
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    yes they can, I was a cna before being a Rn and i took out foley's all the time. they just had to demonstrate mastery of the skill to an Rn hard is it to take out a foley? our cna's used to put in foley's too (they underwent a certification process) and i know their are some hospitals that still allow this.
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    If you have a concern. just ask that person. "Wow, that is so cool that you can do that, did you have to take a special course for that?"
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    In Ohio, it can be done. At a few hospitals I am familiar with, the role puts in and takes out foleys and does phlebotomy. You don't have to have prior training -- they will train you. I luckily learned foleys, phlebotomy, and sterile technique in my CNA classes.
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    That sounds okay to me, that must be the most simplest task ever, i'm sure they can if the are properly trained. I have seen CNAs do it all the time. but i'm in FL
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