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So I am wandering how it is at other places but at our hospital, they didn't want the charge nurse to take pts anymore, but now they have changed it and said the night shift charge nurse will take... Read More

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    We take patients if we are not staffed to grid Monday-Friday, and have a full patient load on Saturday & Sunday. It kind of stinks because everyone expects you to continue helping them on the same level as you do when you don't have patients.
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    At my old place, charges took lower acuity patients with a slightly lower ratio (1-2 pts less) than the rest of us. Our ratio could go 1:7 max, and it happened often. Responsibilities were bed placement, assignments, attending/helping out with RRs, acting as a resource, precepting new hires, covering monitors during tech break, even taking his/her turn w/ an admission. No joke.

    At my new place, they take no patients. Floor ratio is 1:5. Responsibilities are bed placement, assignments, covering monitors during tech break, and...I don't really know! RRs have been called and the charge is not present. They are often "too busy" to help out. The nurses who are assigned to charge look forward to it. The charge role expectations really need to be beefed up at my current hospital.
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    We recently made a change to where we have no independent charge nurses. We have never had them on nights (and run with 4 patients if staffed or 6 max if not). Now they are taking away the independent day shift charge. They say that because of the ACA we no longer have the money. I personally think it has to do with our union contract comming up this summer. Either way its not safe for the patients or the staff, which they say is still the number one goal. My unit is a nuro unit where it is not unthinkable to have three total cares and one moderate care patient as an assignment.
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    We have a certain census cutoff for being charge w/o assignment during the day and evening shifts, if census dips then the charge takes an assignment. I'm charge at night and I get a full assignment. It's not too bad. If I had no assignment for 12 hours, I'd feel like such a princess!
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    Where I used to work (progressive care) the dayshift charge never took an assignment unless they were really short...then they would take a couple of patients. They would round with the doctors on all of the patients and help with admits/discharges and other things that needed to be done.

    On nights, the charge nurse ALWAYS took a full load, which was 4 patients. If we were short, usually the charge would still take 4 and everyone else would take 5, that way the charge nurse could help out with things on the floor. I was often in charge on my unit and there were times were I would take 5 to help out the other nurses...I would also (sometimes) find time to do all of the admission data on all of our admits just to help out my fellow nurses.

    I now work in the ER and the charge nurse does not take any patients. They are responsible for directing the flow of patient traffic and assigning beds. The charge nurse is our resource person and will help out as needed, such as starting a very difficult IV or something.

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