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Ive just been called a number of names and criticised for incident reporting that a colleague made a drug error despite it being clearly prescribed. This isn't her first error in fact its one of many... Read More

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    LOL.... POST Resurrected

    I bet the OP has a 4th allnurses account by now!
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    Quote from jadelpn
    I am not sure how the person in question knew it was you who completed the incident report. .
    Our med error reporting process has us fill out a form where the person who found the report and the person who made the report both have to sign the same document.
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    Quote from KyleLVN
    The way I'd treat it if I ever found another nurse who made a med error, how would I want to be treated. Think about that, your messing with someones ability to pay their bills and provide for themselves first and their family,
    No. I am looking out for my patients, first and foremost. I may well not report an error to anyone but the person who made it, but my concern is never about whether or not someone needs their job, or at least thats not going to have any weight on whether or not its reported.
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    Quote from lindseylpn
    Where I work some people seem to be afraid or more likely they are too lazy to fill out an incident report for a med error. Our policy is to fill out an incident report as soon as the med error is discovered. We have bubble packs that are timed and dated so, it's easy to see when a med was missed. I'll come in and so and so will say "oh btw, there's an extra pill in the pack from a few days ago someone missed" Of course no one has filled out a report yet so, I'll do it. I've filled out incident reports on other nurses, med aides and myself. Med errors happen....
    Occasionally we will find a loose pill in the med box that isn't in a bubble pack and just waste it without filling out a report, there's no telling when or if it was missed or just an extra pill got packed etc..
    Lindsey - the pill remaining in the bubble pack from a few days ago did not, apparently, cause any harm by being missed. Why waste your time writing it up? Why get a reputation for being the one who writes up everything. I don't think Management really appreciates it, either, as it makes her workers look bad and her, too. I think your heart is in the right place, but, as stated, it makes you look like the police and nothing can be done about it anyway. Maybe if enough doses were missed and it's an antibiotic, doc will extend the prescription, I guess. Blood thinners - hmmm... But really, we pretty much have to deal with the here and now.

    Also - now that the boss knows a med was missed, what can she do about it? Perhaps mention it in a meeting that however many pills were left in the bubble packs since our last meeting. Let's all be extra careful.
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    I want to THANK YOU for taking action. That's a good nurse!