Bullied for reporting a med error by another nurse - page 4

Ive just been called a number of names and criticised for incident reporting that a colleague made a drug error despite it being clearly prescribed. This isn't her first error in fact its one of many... Read More

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    No action was taken when it should have been one example was a patient fell in the morning shift this wasn't handed over to me in the late shift it wasn't documented the only reason I found out was when the dr told me to do neuro obs I asked why and was then told. The patient sustained a fracture. You would need to work in our ward to understand that management are the main issue in everything.
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    If you are bullied or shunned for reporting errors, you have a culture issue. I would ask to see your culture of safety scores and inquire is something is being done about it. How can things be fixed if no one knows about it? It's a rare case in a just culture that someone willfully makes an error. Usually there's a system issue involved. No one will report until the culture changes and that has to come from the top down.

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