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Ive just been called a number of names and criticised for incident reporting that a colleague made a drug error despite it being clearly prescribed. This isn't her first error in fact its one of many... Read More

  1. by   StaffNurseMcS
    No action was taken when it should have been one example was a patient fell in the morning shift this wasn't handed over to me in the late shift it wasn't documented the only reason I found out was when the dr told me to do neuro obs I asked why and was then told. The patient sustained a fracture. You would need to work in our ward to understand that management are the main issue in everything.
  2. by   patientsafetygeek
    If you are bullied or shunned for reporting errors, you have a culture issue. I would ask to see your culture of safety scores and inquire is something is being done about it. How can things be fixed if no one knows about it? It's a rare case in a just culture that someone willfully makes an error. Usually there's a system issue involved. No one will report until the culture changes and that has to come from the top down.
  3. by   Linka
    Yes, I have experience with your situation.
    I was on nigh shift, I received report from a nurse (at bedside), and after a while I went in to do the patient's vital signs. Well, I noticed his food tray intact and about 5 different pills in a transparent pill cup on the food tray. I was wondering what to do, because on one hand I wish the patient had gotten his pills (coreg 25, lasix40 or something like that), but on the other hand I knew it would not be right for me to give them at this point. I consulted with the charge nurse and she told me to throw the pills away and fill out an incident report. Apparently, the same day the same nurse left a syringe with medication attached to the tubing for another patient.
    Next day, the charge nurse went up to the nurse and scolded her for her actions, which was completely unprofessional. Of course, the nurse comes up to me and asks me what happened, and told me that the charge nurse scolded her etc; ugh like can we just get over it and give me report? thanks. The nurse in question proceeds to tell me "she didn't know this was the place people went after each other", and "patient wanted to wait until finished eating and take his pills with food", and "next time I guess I can let my other patients fall but witness these ones take their pills" "I wish you can come to day shift and see how crazy it gets"
    We continued being cordial after that, and she ended up quitting.
    It bugs when managers or charge nurses do not know how to act in these situations.
  4. by   Mas Catoer
    It raises a question on my side. It could probably be caused by the culture about patient safety hasn't yet well established in your department? Reporting error is a must. If you're then bullied yet the issued wasn't followed up then it is.
  5. by   paroxetina
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    I'm confused, are you and StaffNurseMcS the same person??
    I love when people post from an alternate account for privacy reasons, and then reply from the main account
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    Quote from dirtyhippiegirl
    It's a punitive process, no matter what management says.
    This may be the case at your hospital, but not at mine. Unless there is a pattern of egregious errors without improvement, it is never punitive.
  7. by   Geslina
    I hate finding med errors, because we are legally obligated to report them. I've had to report a few, and I've made a few myself. If it's something I can fix without reporting it, I try to....but if there is nothing you can do about it, you have no choice but to report it.
  8. by   Geslina
    Ha! Our current manager always wants to be the good guy. Someone was just fired, and the next day the nurse called me and told me that management told her she was out of there because I had reported something she did, which is an outright lie. And there is nothing I can do about it. I work for a bunch of backstabbing witches. I'm sick thinking a single mother with kids to support thinks she lost her job because of ME.
  9. by   BeenThere2012
    Quote from NICURN29
    Our hospital policy is that every med error must have an incident report completed. It is not a punitive process, but it is important that they be completed in order to improve our patient care processes.
    This is true in theory, but it has come back to bite me in the butt on one occasion with one employer. I believe it is the right thing to do, but you need to be careful in how and what you say in the reports.
  10. by   BeenThere2012
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    For some reason, this just tickled me silly. She probably forgot what name she was logged on under.Cute
    I was thinking this was different nurse who had the same experience. But was wondering also....